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Metalsmith Artist | Contemporary Jewelry | Denver, Colorado

return & refund policy

Returns are accepted within 14 days of receipt. Full refund once item is returned.

shipping info

Standard shipping includes tracking. Arrives within 2-5 days depending on your location.


If you see a piece that you like but are interested in a different size, chain length, earring length, or color - please send me a note! Most of my pieces can be customized to your preferences.


Frequently Asked Questions

+ When will my purchase ship?

I’ll ship your purchase within 2-3 business days, but normally it will ship within one. I need to give myself a small cushion in case I’m off on an adventure and can’t get to the post office right away. You’ll receive an email with tracking info as soon as it’s on its way!

+ Can I return an item?

Yes! I want you to love what you get! You can return an item within 14 days of receipt. I’ll refund the full amount once I receive the item. Get in touch with me to arrange the return and send the item back in its original packaging and condition. If the issue is fit or sizing, I can often adjust those so keep that in mind.

+ Do you make everything yourself?

I take pride in hand-fabricating every element of all my pieces, including the chain, earwires, and clasps. In rare cases, I incorporate machine made chain or cord. This will always be indicated in the item’s description.

+ How do you oxidize the sterling silver?

I use a liver of sulphur solution to oxidize my silver. I apply several layers to get a nice rich gunmetal gray finish and then buff the high points with steel wool until I get the final finish I desire.

+ How do I care for my new piece?

I apply a protective wax finish to all of my pieces. Unfortunately, this finish only slows the inevitable. Sterling silver and copper will eventually tarnish with wear, moisture, and general exposure. You can minimize this by not wearing your piece in the shower, while swimming, or sweating excessively (unless you’re dancing). Also, storing your piece in the plastic bag it came in with the small square of 3M anti tarnish paper will help slow tarnishing. You can periodically clean your piece with a very soft toothbrush and mild soap. If you use strong cleaners or abrasives, you will remove the intended oxidized finish. Any other questions? Get in touch!

+ I like the design but not the enamel color… Can I request a different color?

Most likely, yes! I have many enamel colors and love to play with them. If you see a piece you like but might want a different color, get in touch!

+ Why do you include the weight of the piece?

I include the weight of each piece because it affects how a piece feels when you wear it. A piece that is rather weighty will feel present and substantial on the body while a lighter piece might be better for everyday wear. Everyone’s different of course - so if you’re unsure if you’ll like the way a piece will feel, get in touch and we can chat about it. (and just as a guideline - a quarter weighs ~5.7 g, a nickel, ~ 5, and a dime, ~2)