Welcome to my new website!

This website redesign comes at the end of a year of growth and change. I’ve been working in the studio more intentionally and consistently and having a blast! A few themes have emerged and it’s been fun to explore new designs and techniques. I feel so fortunate to be able to spend my time doing something that challenges me and brings me joy. The slightly less comfortable part is sharing my work, and by extension, myself, with the world.  

This blog space is one way I hope to do that. I plan on using it to share some behind the scenes techniques and inspiration that go into my work. I love the fancy finished piece pics as much as the next person, but I’m really having the most fun when I’m in the midst of making.

And now, on to the thank yous and acknowledgements... because I did not do this by myself!

While I feel pretty confident wielding a hammer, web design is another animal. So, I enlisted the help of a pro. I worked with Lindsey, the owner and designer extraordinaire behind Six Leaf Design to develop my new logo and artist website. Lindsey is incredibly organized and kept me on track. I am in awe of her project management skills and endless enthusiasm paired with practical pragmatism.

And, someone smart told me I couldn’t have a selfie as a head shot…so, I had Alisha Light with Happy Hour Headshots take my photos. Her precise direction and easy going nature made me feel comfortable and kind of like a bad ass. I highly recommend her for all your headshot, wedding, boudoir or fashion photography needs. Check out her amazing work here.

There were so many decisions along the way - and on deadline! - all of which were made much easier with the input of friends and family. Thank you all for giving me your feedback on avocado green vs tarragon, harvest orange vs terracotta, and gray vs that other gray. (They’re different, I promise!) And, a very special thank you to Meg, who condensed my 1000+ word artist statement down to 150!! Somehow, she said everything I did but better. If you need a marketing copywriter, let me know and I’ll hook you up.

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Thank you for reading and for all your encouragement along my journey!  


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